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Who are Clockwork Corporate Services?

About Clockwork Corporate Services

Who are we?

Clockwork Corporate Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bachus Financial Services, an Accounting Firm practicing since 2007. 

Although Bachus Financial Services has offered some of the services and products which Clockwork Corporate Services now offers, its focus continues to be the provision of accounting, tax and financial management services.

Over the past few years, the owner of Bachus Financial Services, through being involved extensively in start-up businesses, whether through SEDA, NYDA or just in the normal course of business, has identified several areas where general service offerings, products and so forth can be greatly improved in terms of value for money. 

This is why Bachus Financial Services formed Clockwork Corporate Services (Pty) Ltd – to provide quality, value-driven products and services to businesses in every aspect of the business life-cycle. 

Clockwork Corporate Services intends to roll out various services over the next couple of years with the current focus on Start-up Registrations and related Compliance Services.

Contact us today to get real, effective, valuable services and advice on starting up your business.

Registered Name: Clockwork Corporate Services (Pty) Ltd
Registration Number: 2017/307559/07
Director: Ernest Pretorius
BEE Status: Level 4, 100% Contributor

About Clockwork

We don’t believe in cutting corners with the cheapest and quickest solutions – we believe in offering quality services and products to help you start your business, and grow it in the long term.

No tricks, no loopholes, no inflated prices, no extra costs in the fine print – just real service and advice with real value for your hard-earned money.

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